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Welcome to The Australian Stained Glass Supplies On-line Catalogue. The site is a virtual catalogue of the stock we carry and is designed to be used the same way as you would use a printed catalogue. Phone or email us if you need more information.

At our showroom at Camperdown you are welcome to view the largest range of coloured and hard to find glass in Sydney.

If you are interested in our Safety Glass, see our Technical Brilliance

Address: 12 – 14 Larkin St

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Colour Swatch


Coloured pebbles


Color Line Overview

Colour line paints

Everything you need to know

Color Line Paints & Pens are ready to use enamels for glass or ceramics in a fantastic range of intense colours. Available in squeeze bottles for use as lining pens or in larger units for painting, airbrushing, screen printing and more!

Technical Details

The firing range is from 700°C to 820°C (1300°F – 1510°F). All colours have extremely strong pigmentation, are lead-free and freely mixable to obtain further shades. They are homogenous and smooth in water friendly medium, environmentally friendly, and easy to use in exactly the required amount ensuring low wastage. All auxiliary products are also lead-free. Click here to see our offer.

What’s New?

Glastac Gel

Meet the new go-to holding agent: GlasTac Gel. This thicker version of our regular GlasTac has a “tackier” feel but still burns out cleanly.

  • – Holds its applied shape well (you can also apply it with a paintbrush)
  • – Makes calligraphic powder lines easy
  • – Stays sticky longer (more working time before it dries)
  • – Tacks sheet to sheet with great holding power so you can move projects sooner
  • – Great for children’s projects

Available in 4 oz  for $10.95 and 32 oz for $40.95 bottles.



Flexi-Glass is an exciting new Glass product developed by Glass Artist David Alcala. This amazing new glass medium will open the door to exciting possibilities and applications to your glass fusing projects that will simply amaze you. Create your own fusible paper-like glass film, that you can cut with scissors and then fuse. Flexi-Glass is formulated to work with powdered and fine glass frit, enamels, and even micas or luster. Create your own threads of fusible colored enamel. You will soon discover the many uses are limited only by one’s own imagination, not to mention all the money you will save in glass materials by using Flexi-Glass. It is worth its weight in gold. You won’t believe how many new projects and big ideas will pour from this little bottle, as they say “a little goes a long way.” The kit is $90.