Bullseye standard sheet glass is single-rolled. & double rolled. This method of hand casting results in a high gloss slightly wavy top surface a slightly dimpled texture on the underside. We import fusible 'tested compatible' glass unless otherwise stated.
Note: Bullseye glass can also be used for lampshade making or leadlight.

The iridescent coating on Bullseye glasses is created by applying a fine metal chloride mist to the glass sheet while it is semi-molten. While still pliable the sheet is stretched to break the thin surface coating and impart the characteristically matte finish that distinguishes Bullseye irids. Unlike more common iridescent coatings, Bullseye will withstand full fusing temperatures and is well suited for kiln forming techniques. The coating is non-toxic and presents no health or safety hazard when used on food bearing surfaces.

Transparents Fractures & Streamers on White Opal
Solid Colour Opals Fractures & Streamers on Clear
2 & 3 Colour Streaky Opals Patterened Iridescent Glass